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Journal Note - Checking in on my own mental health

Being aware of your mental health and having the conversations with friends and family on how you are feeling is so important. Knowing your Gentle Habits and what mindful moments you need to be incorporating in your everyday is also what can ensure you are on the right track.

I am always at my happiness and in flow when I am doing the little things I know set me up for my day. This week for myself I have really struggled with the over whelming weight of my husband redundancy and the anxiety of this.

My sleep has been affected, my mind has been busy and I haven't been active in my usual Gentle Habits that I use daily.  No exercise, no meditation and had a few too many drinks over the weekend which I knew wasn't the solution to help BUT I felt I needed to process this and move through the sh*t it to leave it behind. 

I knew I was totally out of alignment but after beating myself up about it I have now accepted this and moved on.

Back to regular programming -

  • Moving my body again.  Exercise is important for your overall well-being so  I've started to run on the treadmill again starting off small and a yoga flow session.
  • Journaling in my Positive Outcomes Journal. Research shows keeping a log of what you are thankful for can lower stress, help you sleep better, and process what's happening in a busy mind.
  • Eat well. Prepping my lunches 
  • Gentle Habits as Meditation practice with my Incense, underwater stillness time with my Dive Mask. I need to calm my thoughts and rest my brain.
  • I have spoken to my friends about the situation and this has helped me understand its ok to feel like I have.

Mental health needs to be treated as important as a physical health and needs to be top of mind in your everyday so check in with yourself. If you fall off the bandwagon it's ok, a new day awaits.

Soph x

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