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Behind the Scenes on the beach

All about our Brand Shoot

About the Gentle Habits Brand Shoot.

My idea for our brand shoot was to work with local creatives in the Northern Rivers region to bring our brand to life through sound and imagery design. A collaborative project that told the story of an overall feelings our products and what our brand is all about.


I firstly wanted to work with Catie  @thats.caitieallen and Jay Button @jaybutton_film. These guys are creative geniuses - I knew that I wanted to work with them after Tripper had worked with them previously and their visual storytelling is next level.  They are a directing duo, who together have directed work for Coca Cola, Calzedonia, Seafolly, Nat Geo, Roxy, Monster Children, and many other brands across the world.

We met, briefed them on the new brand. Best part of the meeting - Catie was already a huge Byron Bay This Is incense fan. I had an idea which I quickly abandoned and let Catie have full control over her vision of what this film could be. 

Her story of Gentle Habits was exactly what I wanted it to be.

"The Storyline"
The film will start with an open beach. We will see a series of shots
of the ocean in black and white. We will see some close ups of our talent. She has a busy mind. We see turbulent water and crashing waves. There is a certain energy about the movement that leaves the audience longing for peace.

The film follows her swimming in the water as we match cut with some more crashing waves. She dives down and as she returns and breaks through the water's surface it feels like a breath of fresh air. The film turns to colour.

For the rest of the film, we see moments of beautiful close ups and a combination of still pulled back shots. Quiet and gentle moments.

Time lapses of moving clouds and the ocean lapping on the sand. Hands floating in the wind. We see shadows playing in light as she reaches to use the products. Linen curtains lapping in the wind as incense is burning. We see a quiet moment of the girl sitting in her sheets with a cup of warm tea writing in her positive outcomes journal.

The scenes of the  product to create an overall feeling of space and mindfulness.

We want to leave the audience feeling that if they use any product, even just once in their day, that they will feel a sense of calmness and stillness.

We want the film to finish at the lake to pay homage to the phrase of "washing away the stress" and to leave the audience feeling renewed and inspired.

All locations on the main shoot were shot my street in Yamba and Spooky's Beach, this is where the Dive Mask idea came from. The inside shoot was at Angourie accommodation The Beach ranch - link here

Part of my vision was to shoot a "real life talent" and also a mum like myself. This lead us to Kirby (who is also Northern Rivers based) who has never been in front of the camera, only behind.

We reached out to her, and as she really believed in our brand and the story line  Catie created - she was in!  She is a talented stylist and is also the creative behind the jewellery brand  Catie captured her beauty and realness in the most effortless way.

Lucinda (also a mumma to Ocean) @lucindarose created Kirby's effortless natural look and is also based up near us.

Jeremy Gryst shot our stills and Paul Skinner was assisting.

My side kick and neighbour Lizy from @inkiestudios also helped me on the shoot with all the BTS scene footage and ensure the day ran smoothly.

Our track "This Is Gentle Habits" was created by the very talented Tim Commandeur (PNAU drummer) and is our very own song which he created for us - we are still obsessed with what Tim has produced for us.

I hope you love our sensory experience. 


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