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Sophie Marshall

Sophie has spent 27 years In the Surf Industry, her last role was Global Product Manager for Ripcurl. Sophie has a vast experience in wholesale sales, brand and product development - globally.

This Is Incense was created after an idea in the shower which has now evolved Into Gentle Habits.
Sophie has created a global brand, full of ritual products Including Dive Masks, Incense and Ritual Shower Oil + Balm to help people create habits that brings mindful moments to the everyday.

When two worlds collide

I know what burn out is. Being in a job and that fast paced life whilst juggling two boys which lead me to the discoveryof using Incense as ritual and then as a side hobby creating my own - which has now developed Into our new brand Gentle Habits, Positive Outcomes.

Then..... Dalia enters the (chat) room. I met her through a Japa course I did and I instantly knew I needed her In my life to teach me to meditate. A skill I knew I needed but like most, just couldn't do It!

Dalia has changed my life-  with her guidance to meditate and the vedic dharma view.

I am calmer, more creative and this has set me on course to implement this into my everyday work / relationships / creating / life which has made me a better version of myself.

lets take it slow
lets take it slow

"This is the thing, i think i knew that i could not go and replicate all of my bad habits and go into this and have no life - when you have a career and you're working mum, it's really hard to balance it all. I really did need some help to undo all that and start again, in a healthy balanced way". 

– Sophie Marshall

Conscious Ritual Retreat keeping you Grounded + Connected, whilst chasing your Electric Dreams.