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◯ Founder, Sophie Marshall

So, where did Gentle Habits (or as you may know us, This is Incense) come from? And why?

Well, the truth is being a full-time/working mum with two boys, I was struggling to disconnect from work when walking in the door. Finding it hard to switch off, slow down and be present with my family - even when that’s all I wanted to do.

This was back in 2020 when I began burning incense as a daily reminder - my ritual - to unwind and slow down. I was looking for ways to escape from the hustle and bustle, just for a moment. Incense became the answer to truly enjoying the in-between moments. This led my husband and I to dreaming up This Is Incense... it wasn't long before this dream became a reality!

Since then, we have had an incredible journey with This is Incense, and if you've been here from the beginning we cannot thank you enough for supporting us on this rollercoaster. This journey that has been nothing short of life-changing; physically moving my family from VIC to NSW, professionally by resigning from my full-time job, as well as emotionally and spiritually.

I’ve re-discovered myself and an energy for life that has has led me to today; introducing Gentle Habits® to you.

Gentle Habits® is the overarching brand that encompasses This is Incense as well as many other exciting, thought-provoking (and amazing smelling) tools and rituals.

We are about finding moments of stillness, joy, movement, love, motivation and self-reflection. Through Gentle Habits we hope to provide you with the tools, like incense, to create special moments in your everyday life. Whether they set the mood for your day ahead or are used as a wind-down ritual after a long day at work. We hope to help you create rituals to feel calm, content and safe in your space.

We are a salty, down-to-earth, community-focussed Australian business driven by the positive outcomes that our products encourage. Products we, the Gentle Habits team and I, find ourselves craving in our daily lives. We love creating products that makes us smile, remind us to breathe (slowly), ground and connect us to the Australian bush and beaches. We are focussed on building a collection of mindful additions for your happy life.

Thank you for being here. When you’re ready,  I hope you can lean on Gentle Habits to create rituals that soothe and centre you daily, too.

With love,

Sophie x

Gentle Habits, Positive Outcomes.

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