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Incense Cone Sample Packs

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Sample packs are for you to try our "This Is Incense " 12 x scents. Open the pack and smell each bag and cone for you to fall in love with our unique scents.

3 x cones in each pack. 10-15 min burn time each cone.

Please note - the cones burn differently to traditional incense and are wider in width so more smoke is produced. Burn on a non flammable non marking or dark coloured plate, Cones can mark due to the oil residue.

Instructions -

Place incense cone on a non flammable surface and ignite the tip. Burn for 5 seconds and then blow out the flame, allowing the cone to smoulder and fragrance the air.

Never leave burning cone unattended and near the flammable materials. Keep away from kids and pets. Use in a well ventilated area. 

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